We are Egg-cited!

We are so happy to announce that we have our first Critter Cam up and running on the homestead. Hopefully the first of several, as we hope to add cameras […]

Rabbit Nest Box Plans

Quick and easy plans for building your own Rabbit Nest Box for under $16. This is what we use for our girls. It’s made with untreated lumber and it isn’t […]

New Hatches This Week

We have new hatches this week. As a bonus, we managed to catch one on video! We get amazing results with this incubator!

An Early Morning on the Homestead

Pepe, Charlie & Red woke me up before 5AM with their crowing, this morning. Arya was thrilled to be outside running around in 38 degree weather. Jumping around. Hopping in […]

Sad Day.

Miss Laverne, one of our first and favorite girls on the homestead, died today.  She was a gorgeous bird; a Golden Laced Wyandotte. She had recently finished molting and her […]

Updating a Wall Ornament

A lot of what we do here on the Homestead includes Do It Yourself. This can include building coops or garden beds, putting in fences, sewing, crafts, etc. One of […]

Foraging for the Rabbits

I love to find treats in the yard that I can feed to the buns. They really enjoy fresh greens, it cuts down on my feed bill, and it makes […]

Silvia's Chicks - Update

As promised here http://weegardenhomestead.com/2018/06/21/silvias-eggs-hatched/ , I have the update on Silvia’s chicks. By the time I came home from work last night, the last egg in the incubator had hatched. Hubby […]